How to use Sketch Plugin

Download the newest Prott Sketch plug-in Ver. 2.0.5

So what does the Sketch integration do for you?

Now you can, with a single click, automatically sync the screens you design in Sketch with Prott! This seamless integration reflects changes instantly.

Awesome! How can I get it?

There are two ways to install the Sketch plugin.

Option 1

Download the zip file from here, unzip it and double click the Prott.sketchplugin file. You will see the above message when the plugin is installed successfully.

Option 2

Install Prott Sketch plugin from Sketch Toolbox.

Please download Sketch Toolbox from here if you haven't installed it yet. Search Prott in Sketch Toolbox and click install and you are done!

How to use Sketch plugin

  1. Open Sketch
  2. From the Sketch menu bar, click on Plugins and go to Prott Sketch Plugin and click Sync All Artboards to Prott

  3. Enter your login information and click Login.
  4. Select the Prott project you would like to sync your Artboards to and click Sync and you are done!
  5. You will see your work made in Sketch reflected in Prott immediately like the image below.

    How to sync selected screens

    If at any time you wish to change any of your screens, first edit your screen in Sketch, then select the artboard you want to re-upload and click "Sync Selected Artboards to Prott". (Or fire "⇧ + ⌘ + U") Your change will be reflected instantly in Prott!

    How to view revision and revert to previous version screens

    You can view revision of each screen and revert screens which synced from Sketch on Prott for Web.

    * Please note: this feature is available on Starter / Pro / Team / Enterprise plan.


    The sync of Prott Sketch plugin is based on the ID of Sketch's Artboard. So even if you set the same name for the screens, they won't been overwriting according to their name but the artboard ID.

    When you change artboard's name on Sketch, it will also be synced to Prott.

    And you can work together with others with the same Sketch file when using Prott Sketch plugin.

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